Brexit and the future of the UK

That Night That night will never be forgotten. On the evening of June 23rd last year, the United Kingdom won by majority vote to begin negotiating their “exit plan” and departure from the EU. The sudden awakening of Article 50 was a monumental moment in British history, but it came crashing down upon the hearts […]

Generation Z have arrived

Officially named Generation Z but more commonly known as the “iGeneration”, they are the latest wave of humans born anywhere after 1997. This year is a significant one as the oldest in this group will be entering their 20s and starting work for the first time. Below a is collection of research, statistics and opinions condensed […]

Places you’ve never heard of but must see before it’s too late.

  Welcome to today’s world: unprecedented globalisation, exponential wealth-creation and capitalism, the rise of developing economies among previously undeveloped continents, free and unlimited access to the world and all that happens via the internet and social media. Sounds great, right? Here’s the thing – the world is becoming smaller and we’ve known about it for […]